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We are here to help you enroll in Obamacare.

Equality California Institute staff are trained and ready to help you enroll in Obamacare. For assistance, call one of our statewide offices to speak with a Certified Enrollment Counselor:

Los Angeles: Jack Lorenz 323 848-9801 x 203
Inland Empire: George Zander 760 409-0208
San Francisco: Alex Marin 415 581-0005

Equality California Institute

The Equality California Institute is excited to announce its new statewide “Health Happens with Equality” educational, outreach and training campaign designed to introduce and enroll marginalized LGBT Californians in Affordable Care Act approved health care plans.

The campaign will prioritize outreach up and down the state to reach thousands of uninsured LGBT Californians — helping many of them to obtain health insurance for the first time in their lives. A primary emphasis will be placed on reaching LGBT people of color, and people who are transgender outside of major cities, as these populations are the most underserved by traditional health care outreach.

The campaign will provide culturally and linguistically competent services and materials to these groups. In addition to a one-on-one direct contact outreach campaign, we will also conduct “Enrollment Fairs” throughout the state to enroll LGBT community members in the health insurance/care program that is most appropriate for them. These “Enrollment Fairs” will be staffed by culturally competent technical support, thereby providing a safe environment for our community members to enroll in the program that best matches their needs. Enrollment Fairs will focus on and be located near hard-to-reach and traditionally ignored LGBT community members.

The intersectionality of discrimination based on race, class, homophobia, transphobia and HIV status are major impediments to accessing adequate health care and insurance coverage. The campaign and outreach provided by EQCAI will help to remove or reduce these impediments.

Click here to read an Obamacare fact sheet >

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Statewide Community Clinics

While the Affordable Care Act is a great step forward toward adequate health care for most Californians, certain individuals may not be covered based on their insurance or documentation status. EQCA is committed to making sure that all LGBT Californians are connected with the health resources they need in order to obtain affordable and appropriate care. Read More >

Clínicas Comunitarias a Nivel Estatal

Mientras que La Ley de Asistencia de Salud (también conocida como “Obamacare”) es un paso adelante para una salud más adecuada para la mayoría de los Californianos, algunos individuos no tendrán cobertura dependiendo en su seguro médico u estatus migratorio. EQCA está comprometida en asegurarse que todos los Californianos que se identifican como LGBT estén conectados con los recursos de salud que necesiten para obtener una asistencia médica que sea económica y apropiada. Leer Más >

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